2015 Portland wedding hair and makeup trends

2015 Portland wedding hair and makeup trends

Hello Beauties,

I am so ecstatic to meet my 2015 brides!
I have a lot of exciting new additions being added on to the website, such as.
-Updating the “artist” page
-Blossom and Beauty Video
-instagram plug in- so you can see all of our work.

Back to the original purpose of this Blog post:)
At the end and beginning of every year, I get this common question. “What’s the wedding hair and makeup trend for this year.” This motivates me to constantly educate myself and spend hours on Pinterest looking for fresh new ideas (I actually love doing this).

Now I present to you what I have found to be the 2015 Portland wedding hair and makeup trends.


Loose romantic curls-twisted and pinned to the side. I think having braids in the back would be beautiful.


Another romantic pinned to the side style, with beautiful flower accessories


I’ve been seeing a lot of the up off the neck, smooth updo styles. Please ask for this style. I am so in love!


I see that brides are moving away from the “smokey eye” and adopting a new found liking to the timeless cut crease look. It’s a very natural look, with a little bit of drama.. Just a little:)