Behind the Name… Blossom & Beauty

Behind the Name… Blossom & Beauty

Hello Beauties,

I often get asked why my company is named Blossom & Beauty. It really has a special meaning to me and I want to take a moment to share some of the history of the name and even the little details that went into designing the logo.

First came the tag line. “Just like the flower, your beauty will blossom.” You may think it’s odd to come up with a tag line before the business name itself, but let me share how it came about. It started when I was an awkward, shy freshman in high school.

You know when you connect with a teacher and that teacher really makes an imprint and you pretty much remember them forever. That was my technology teacher, she was very personable and kind. I remember freshman year being a hard year for me personally because my father was going through treatment for his brian tumor. It took a toll on our family. It was hard not to carry that energy with you wherever you go and I think my teacher noticed that. One morning as I was walking into her class room she stopped me and stared at me and said. “You know what Jasmine, you are just like the flower and your beauty is going to continue to blossom.” I don’t know why she said that to me, but I remember that I needed that, and that has stuck with me til this day.

Blossom & Beauty was born. I was actually in beauty school at the time when I came up with my buisness plan. I came up with a bunch of cliche business names to start with, none of which resignated with me or what I wanted my business to represent, so discarded those and started to dig a little deeper. At that time I was really interested in the secret language of flowers and individual meanings of each flower. Back in the Victorian era this secret way of communicating was very popular and I thought it was very beautiful. My focus was that I would specialize in weddings and I tried to find a flower that would perfectly represent that. I came across the cherry blossom and it was perfect! The secret meaning of the cherry blossom is that it is “short lived.” Since I live in Portland I knew that wedding season only lasts a consistent six months and that our wedding season is… short lived.

Our original logo was designed by my husband and I. Since 2012 we have come a long way.

Once I had my tag line and logo design created.. The buisness name “Blossom & Beauty” was just right.
I hope this gave you a little insight into what Blossom & Beauty stands for and what it means to me. They aren’t just some random words thrown together. This truly came from my heart and the work I do is my passion.