Blossom & Beauty Takes on 2018 Trends!

Blossom & Beauty Takes on 2018 Trends!

As we launch into a new year, this means we at Blossom & Beauty begin to forecast what the 2018 wedding season trends will be for our brides. This helps our lovely clients during their trial runs, and helps our stylists stay current on looks. In this blog, we have collected and expanded on our predictions for this upcoming season that we hope you all consider and enjoy when planning for your future nuptials!


Though we typically stick to wedding hair and makeup, thinking about dress trends is key to developing the entire bridal look. Our research shows that a few trends stick out for 2018. The first is that deep V’s and side cutouts will bring graphic, bold, and geometric vision to wedding dresses. For the more dramatic look, brides can seek out extreme sleeves on gowns. Length, volume, and shape will be amplified in this year’s dresses. A more traditional bride that wants to push the boundaries just a bit might find interest in the black accents that will crop up on wedding dresses this year. Finally, unique fabric choices for gowns will set any bride apart- think painted fabrics, florals, and soft, flowy materials with accents of intricate beading or blooms. We love that Portland just got an a&bé bridal shop that has all of these dress offerings and more!


The new year screams new takes on traditional hairstyles, and we could not be happier! A great example is a fresh perspective on the high princess bun. This style is particularly gorgeous when paired with a dress with a deep V neck, or with a floral and fairy tale inspired flowy gown. Soft and romantic styles are also trending for 2018. The French twist with a looseness to it is perfect for any bride that wants a hair style that is simple, elegant, and very reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice. Refining up-dos to make them more modest and downplayed speaks to the natural vibe that this upcoming wedding season is sending. For the braid lovers out there, this season pays homage to this hair style by making them long and intricately woven, or by incorporating them into the pulled back pieces of a half up and half down look.

To keep with the themes of natural, simple, refinement, and intricacy, brides should consider adding small touches to their hairstyles. Though florals will not totally be out of the picture, there are some shifts in what to include in your hair. Think about incorporating one large bloom into your look, or using more ornamental greenery instead of a full floral crown. Dainty lace pieces are a great way for a bride to emulate a more traditional and timeless hairstyle. Brides can also opt for a birdcage veil if they want less volume but more drama. Finally, chains will be sweeping the Instagram scene this season. They add glitz, glamour, and just a hint of a Great Gatsby vibe to any look.


Of course, no bridal look is complete without makeup, and this season’s looks pair well with the already mentioned themes of 2018! Wedding makeup will be refined, natural, and soft, but still very polished. Strong brows that enhance a bride’s natural shape add an immediate boldness to a bridal look. Brown eye makeup will be popular for brides that want a darker and dramatic look but with much warmer tones for spring and summer. Dewy skin with hints of shimmer will speak to the glowing tones of the new wedding season. High quality skincare products will be essential in creating these looks-something we at Blossom and Beauty pride ourselves on using for every bride. Hues of pink and subtle glossy tones will be evident on everyone’s lips. A general look of rosiness and freshness refines any bride’s makeup, and can be achieved through soft golds and bronzes, small pops of white, and metallic liners.