Borrowed & Blue – Bronze Award for Best Wedding Artist

Borrowed & Blue – Bronze Award for Best Wedding Artist

At Blossom & Beauty, we love working everyday with our beautiful brides! Each of our artists is passionate about their work, and they all feel part of something uniquely special and much larger when they work on bridal hair and makeup. We love to connect with our clients on an individual level, and we work hard to meet the needs of each bride’s style.

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Every now and then, we are rewarded for this hard work, and we feel so fortunate to receive incredible testimonials and reviews, sweet thank your custom wedding bobblehead gifts, and appreciation from our clients. Sometimes we even manage to make a larger splash in the wedding world, and get recognition from our peers and fellow vendors.

Recently, for the 2017 bridal season, Blossom & Beauty achieved an outstanding award from the wedding website Borrowed & Blue. To explain the award, we turn to the description from the website itself:

A Best of B&B award is the equivalent of a Michelin star in the wedding world: it identifies only the most talented, well-respected vendors in all of Portland. How do we know? The winners have been chosen by Portland vendors themselves. It’s a royal feast of planning insight: know-how taken from those in the know. So check out the medal winners (including special categories like Rising Star and Most Valuable Vendor) to find out the most exceptional wedding whizzes from the past calendar year.”

With this in mind, it is an incredible honor to be noticed by other vendors to the point that Blossom & Beauty took home the bronze award for Best Wedding Artist! We cannot be more thrilled about this award, and it reflects on the wonderful work that our stylists do at their jobs and the amazing clientele we have worked with (and hope to work with in the future). This award gives us a great platform to jump off as we spring into the 2017 wedding season! It also gives us an energetic boost for our newly launched Seattle location, because we hope to garner the love and loyalty of that new wedding community the way we have in Portland!

We want to specifically thank the other vendors who voted for our company, and let them know that we find them all to be award winning and special, too. We also want to thank our amazingly beautiful bridal clientele because we would not receive any recognition for our work in the industry without all of you!