I am more than a wedding hair and makeup artist.

I am more than a wedding hair and makeup artist.

I simply am in love with my job, being a part of someone’s big day. Their wedding day… A milestone everyone hopes to reach in life. A new day bringing an abundance of love and fresh opportunity and growth. When hiring wedding vendors I know wedding hair and makeup artist sometimes get booked last and at times get thought of as “not that important.” I am writing this to express my amazing experiences and shed more light on the subject. I have been doing wedding hair and makeup for 4 years now and have had the most AMAZING clients. A lot of them I can now call friends. What being a Portland hair and makeup artist means to me… First off, I love doing hair! It’s my passion. Being able to create artwork out of someone’s hair is wild to think about, but I love that moment when my client is given the mirror to review all angles of her updo and I look at her; looking at herself with her mouth open in awe. Second goes for makeup, being able to bring out that twinkle in their eye as they’re looking at themselves in the mirror.. Priceless I tell you! Last but not least, it’s being there for you!

On a brides wedding day, sometimes stress can be high due to many little details like… No one can find the groom…your maid of honor is hung over, or maybe your bridal party and mom are asking you a lot of last minute questions.. And you kind of want to rip out your hair. It’s me that’s there for you through the chaos, not only am I making you look amazing I’m also comforting you, trying to calm your nerves. Even though I don’t want to see my clients stressed, it’s such a rewarding feeling to be able to help you feel at ease. On many accounts I have helped the bride put on her dress because her bridal party was helping set up for the ceremony etc. It’s these little moments that fill me up with the most joy. I am more than a wedding hair and makeup artist, I am a friend.

-Blossom & Beauty