Know Your Skin Tone

Know Your Skin Tone

Hey Beauties,

This summer has flew by! We are finishing up the 2016 wedding season strong and are starting to get booked up for 2017! If you would have told me that this would happen a few years ago, I would not have believed you.

Almost all our brides show us makeup inspiration photos. A lot of the time the women they are showing me on their Pinterest page have the opposite skin tone/under tone. Here are some tips on finding out where you are and what colors look best on you.

Cool Tones/Undertone

Ladies, if you fall in the cool category then you are in luck because most of the major makeup brands are catering to cooler tones. You would have more beige and a pink tone in your skin. Take a look at your veins, if they appear more blue, then you definitely are cool.

Cool Eyeshadows

You of course aren’t restricted to using just cool tone eyeshadows but this is just to give you a idea of what they look like.



You definatley are going to want to follow the rules on this one! If you are searching for a red or pink lipstick, make sure it has a blue/red base. This will suit you best!


Actresses that fall within this category: Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansen, Lucy Lu and Jennifer Anniston.


Warm Tones

Most asian’s and Hispanics fall within the warm tone category. You have more of yellow and golden hue. If you take a look at your veins, they will appear to be more green.

Warm Eyeshadows

If you are wanting to enhance your glow, the following shadows will help you do so.



Any lip color that has a peachy tone/orange undertone will look great on you. Like these!

Actresses that fall within this category: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Blake Lively.