Local Love: Spotlighting on an Upcoming Bridal Shop

Local Love: Spotlighting on an Upcoming Bridal Shop

Hello beauties, are you ready to a&bé yourself in a gorgeous wedding dress at your future nuptials? A cluster of bridal boutiques around the United States is making a home in Portland soon, and Blossom & Beauty recently partnered with a&bé bridal shop on a style shoot. We couldn’t wait to report back to all of you about the fantastic vibe this bridal shop will be offering PDX brides!

It is understood that any bridal shop should aim to create a welcoming atmosphere, but a&bé bridal shop truly creates connections with their brides. We love their idea of “no fuss but fun” service when it comes to their clients, and everything their team does has a laid back and stress-free tone to it. This is absolutely necessary in the bridal industry, as many brides and bridal parties find the dress shopping aspect of wedding planning both high energy and emotional.


Here is a gallery of our styled shoot.

This bridal shop is also fiercely stylish and honed toward the independent woman with a sense of style all her own. They support local designers within each of their shops, and the products they showcase align beautifully with the brides who walk through their doors. There is certainly a sense of community and meaning behind each gown they offer, as well as an artistic element that speaks to an array of individual brides. It is also apparent from a&bé that each of their consultants has a wealth of knowledge and insight to be able to help any bride decide on a dress.
Going through their stylebook and styled shoots will tell you so much about a&bé. They tailor their looks to each area they host shops in; for Portland, there is a PNW vibe that matches the uniquely outdoorsy and modern essence of the city and its brides. You can also see that they adore intricate elements, details, and finishing touches as much as we do! Even their accessories dovetail on this framework, and they highlight local artisans and beautiful one-of-a-kind hair and jewelry pieces. The wedding dress goes beyond just fabric and added elements, and at a&bé, each bride gets an entire wedding look! This bridal shop also supports the idea that there lives a distinct and perfect match between a bride and a gown, such that any flavor can be found. Boho and beachy? Romantic, adventurous, and dark? Lace details and traditional elements? New age, modern, and edgy? Ethereal and woodland inspired? All of these hang amongst the racks of a&bé bridal shop, waiting for you to seek them out! The bridal shop also have some custom made bobbleheads as a wedding gift.

Getting married is one of those events that you’re going to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. If you are looking for something to mark this major life event, we’ve got you covered.

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The opening of a&bé bridal shop will be August 4th-5th from 10am to 6pm, and you can book your appointment online here. We highly recommend this bridal experience to any of our current and future brides. Not to mention, we absolutely love connecting wonderful people with the same aesthetic in our picturesque corner of Oregon!