Makeup your skin deserves – Non toxic glamour.

Makeup your skin deserves – Non toxic glamour.

Hello Beauties,

As you know blossom & beauty is a traveling wedding hair and makeup company based out of Portland. I use nothing but the best for my clients, but lately I have been receiving a lot of emails asking me if I use any organic makeup… I sadly had to respond with a “no.” However this frequent asked question has moved me to do some research. I checked the ingredients in my products and I found out how harmful these chemicals can be when used everyday for years! Yikes… For instance.

Mercury and the preservative thimerson is found In most Mascaras, it’s wild to think we are putting this harmful chemical so close to our eyes… Everyday. The side effects can be, skin irritation, neurological damage, and toxicity. Just to name a few.

Talc is commonly found in eyeshadows and blush powders. Talc has been directly linked to ovarian cancer and when inhaled enough over the years it can lead to the formation of lung tumors.

These are just a few harmful chemicals I have found in many “popular” products on the market.

Which leads me to
My team and I have been picked to sample some of the new upcoming Non-toxic glamour. I can’t believe how beautiful and pure the makeup smells.. It’s refreshing to know I’m not putting harmful chemicals on my face and I’m so excited to introduce these products to my portland Brides. The pigments are rich and long lasting and the foundation is beautiful and clean. I have attached some pictures below so you can see for yourself. It looks and feels like the highest quality makeup I’m used to using.. But it’s as natural as can be. I used the #503 foundation and the #502 as my concealer and highlighter. A rich deep brown with a purple hue on my eyelid and a champagne eye shadow blended from the inner corner of my eye to mid eye.