A New Take on Your Winter Woes: A How-To for the Holidays

A New Take on Your Winter Woes: A How-To for the Holidays

The temperatures drop, snow shows up, and we immediately begin to think about the holidays! With this time of year, there comes hosting duties and attending various work functions, parties, and celebrations. Hopefully, we at Blossom & Beauty, can help you during this bustling time and provide some insider tips on what’s on point for your gatherings.

Winter Wear

Winter is a great time to experiment with layering and bulk. When piecing together your outfits, consider longer layers, chunky fabrics, voluminous shapes, and pops of rich, deep color. Plum, maroon, chocolate, emerald, navy, and marigold all beg to be worn this time of year. Hats are essential for winter, but for this season, think about larger brimmed hats made with thicker fabrics instead of turning to your trusted beanie cap shape. Aim for hats with decorative touches-especially those that can be changed out like pins and brooches. If you are attending a more upscale event, think about a coat or sweater made of a silkier sheen, a neutral hue, or a dramatic piece (black fabric with pops of large florals). Finally, channel our lovely owner Jasmine’s bold look when dressing up for your event! Some fun options to consider: satiny sheens, rich jewel tones for dresses, classic jewelry like pearls, floor length ballroom skirts paired with sleek tops, geometric jewelry for funkier events, greys and neutral tones for jumpsuits and blouse/skirt combos, and shoes that pop either in color or design to pair with patterned tights, cigarette pants, or wide leg 70’s inspired bottoms.

Wearing Winter

When putting together your makeup palette, the holiday season is all about celebration and cheer. Boldness is essential! For your lips, we favor sultry reds, mattes, and darker tones like wine. For your eyes, warm brown tones and adding some glitz are always in season. You may even consider a truly festive look by adding white into the mix. Strong brows are remaining a trend for this season, so play around with a bolder version of your natural color, shape, arch, and structure. Finally, hydrate your skin and add some moisture-it gets cold and dry this time of year, and making sure your skin has that warm glow is practical, healthy, and trendy.

Winter Hair

Easy party looks for your hair include long braids, intricate half up and half down looks, and loose curls. Work with your natural hair, add some refinement, and try to make your go-to look a little more polished. Adding some sleekness to your ponytail, for example, is a great way to bring a relaxed (and reliable) hair style to a celebration. We also love the idea of texture, texture, texture when it comes to your chosen event hair. Work in a headband, lace, or florals for some added oomph! Floral crowns aren’t just for weddings, and we love the idea of incorporating a DIY floral crown station at your next holiday party so that everyone can get in on the fun. Even adding a large bloom in a rich color will add extra pizzazz to a low, voluminous bun.

Hosting Winter

In terms of hosting and thinking about themes and color palettes, we did all the leg work for you. Neutral palettes are great for events because you can easily reuse your materials later, they highlight the space, and they bring the snowy feel inside. You can also opt for a more vibrant palette and use corals, peaches, strawberry tones, and hints of silver to capture the excited nature of the holidays. Going for softer holiday colors is also a great alternative! Working in mints, subdued pinks, and accents of gold will bring a sophisticated twist to any setting. You can also go for a more frosted look by adding in creamy tones and a spritz of sparkle. Finally, bring the outside in and use a seasonal palette with various shades of whites, greens, and subtle browns. For additional inspiration, check this great website out!

Whether you are going out for the evening, or bringing people into your home to entertain, remember to truly enjoy the experience! Go for personal style and party looks that are simple but bold, chic and refined, and festive!