Picture Perfect in Portland

Picture Perfect in Portland

Finding someone to capture your stylish, special, and spectacular moment in your upcoming wedding can be hard. The journey is not an easy one, because that person has to get you, get your partner, and get the vibe between you both. There is so much more behind a photo that goes beyond sitting a couple down and shooting. There is a passion, an art, and a group of hearts connecting in a beautiful and visual way. This is such a weighty and complex decision, so, we at Blossom & Beauty wanted to share our insight into some photographers that we have collaborated with and admire for their amazing work.

The first photographer we wanted to highlight in the PDX area is Jess Hunter. As her site mentions, her photographs are “organic storytelling paired with artful imagery.” This phrase beautifully captures the natural, flowing rhythm that she embraces and develops in her work with couples. Perusing her portfolio will immediately tell you Jess is a highly sought after photographer that pinpoints depth, quietness, and composition in every frame.

Hannah Mansur Photography is another option that we highly suggest to our couples seeking amazing engagement and wedding photography. Hannah’s work has a lightness and a brightness that is oh-so enviable. Her detail shots notice the sweet touches that each couple has carefully selected and incorporated to make their guests feel like family from the time they enter the venue. She also does a delightful job incorporating bright pops of color into her work, which makes each shot whimsical and vibrant!

Looking for a photographer whose art brings forth the intimacy and connection between you and your betrothed? Look no further than Jessica Lyons! As you look through her many portfolios (for more fun, dive into the lifestyle portfolio, too), you will see that her work speaks for itself. Each image is reminiscent of romance set in an international countryside, silent appreciation for beauty, and close moments caught on camera during a couple’s big adventure. We also love that Jessica keeps Oregon in the forefront, highlighting the landscape and botanicals in her photography.

When we think of unique photography experiences, we immediately jump to Kyle Carnes Photography! His work is so vastly different for every single couple, with a customized vibe fitting their needs. As you explore his gallery, you immediately notice the sheer enjoyment that Kyle takes in his work. This translates to such beautiful shots filled with smiles, laughter, and playfulness between the couple, the bridal party, and the guests. We also admire the way Kyle captures the special environment that the couple has selected for their venue. A Thailand destination wedding, botanical gardens, the Deschutes River, parks and islands; Kyle interacts with all of these (and many more) in an exceptional and gorgeous manner that speaks to the heart of every unique Oregon bride.

We also wanted to touch on a dynamic duo in the wedding photography industry that makes it a point to “visually tell a story with no need for words.” Taylor + Madye Photography are not only different in what they do, but looking at their previous work immediately tells you the emphasis they place on that storytelling aspect of a wedding. Every moment at your wedding, from the early hours of getting ready to the late night dance party is perfect, and beautiful, and memorable, and worthy of a photograph. These artists blend into the background, and because of this are able to gather the most incredible hidden gems. Finally, Taylor + Madye have a way of introducing such innovative composition into their photographs, which brings new life and excitement to the spaces they are shooting.

Finally, we wanted to draw your attention to Powers Photography. To begin with, they serve both the Portland and Seattle areas (just like us!). Their team boasts a wonderful destination portfolio that speaks to the world explorer mindset that many couples embrace as part of their love story. Their photographs are rich with color and vibrant tones. Their work gleans the very essence of a couple and their wedding style, bringing forth the important details and special touches. These photographers are also unafraid to take risks and embrace the random beauty that weddings have to offer!

As we do our jobs of infusing passion and artistic personality into your wedding look, we also know that this is only the beginning of your very momentous experience. Part of that is capturing these intimate and magical moments so that you and others can cherish and reflect on them for years to come. This is precisely why we wanted to extend our perspective, and offer our recommendations for photographers in the Portland area that will meet and exceed your expectations. We thrive, just as your wedding will thrive, on their support, guiding eye, and ability to capture the wordless beauty that our brides and their loved ones radiate!