The Beauty Behind Before & Afters!

The Beauty Behind Before & Afters!

Hello Beauties,

I was looking through my camera roll the other day and it mostly consists of my beautiful brides before and after photos, so I felt inspired to write a little something something about all your beautiful faces.

What a before and after say about us.

As you can see by our work, we don’t quite have a Blossom & Beauty signature look when it comes to hair and makeup (not implying that having a signature look is a bad thing) we just don’t have one. We all are artists that specialize in weddings, so you are going to get amazing hair and makeup regardless of what Blossom and Beauty artist you pick. But remember that we are artists. We all carry a different paint brush, a different eye, background and experiences. That is reflected in our work. However, you don’t hire us to paint your face however we want, we listen to your concerns and your hair and makeup wants and desires. We of course will make realistic suggestions if a look is just not achievable. From the gathered information, we go to work. 🙂 Creating a look that’s unique to you and most importantly enhances your beauty.

What before and afters reveal about you.

Every women that we get the honor of working with is… beautiful! I don’t know what it is but all the soon to be brides have a glow and energy so vibrant that it is completely contagious. We just can’t help but be in a good mood around you ladies! I have heard time and time again from my clients that.. their skin is not perfect and I need to cover up your circles etc. Let’s face it ladies, we all deal with the same issues and we will take care of those little cover ups, no problemo. However to be honest, when you are pointing out your “flaws”, we are staring at your perfections.


Once it’s all said and done. You’ll look at your before and after and compare them, thinking that you look like another person because your not use to makeup or you’ll take a moment to see your hair and makeup and just be in awe because you’re just loving your face and hair! Your beautiful features are standing out. Be proud of your face ladies, with and without makeup.