This will make you cry happy tears!

This will make you cry happy tears!

Hello Beauties,

I had the pleasure of helping out Randi, her bridesmaids and lovely mom on June 7th, 2014. These group of ladies were full of love, and the love and support they showed one another was.. Radiant.

The drive out to Monroe, OR was BEAUTIFUL!! I was afraid my little car wasn’t going to make it up the gravel road at one point lol. Gladly it did because I had a fantastic time.

Here is a Beautiful video, perfectly capturing Randi’s and Brads love. This video WILL make you shed a tear… Or two.

If your interested in hiring a videographer, I HIGHLY suggest looking into hiring Brendan and Monica ODonnell with Happily Ever After Films. They’re a fantastic married couple who do such an amazing job working together and creating spectacular work.
To see the video click on the link or copy and paste.