What to expect at your trial run

What to expect at your trial run

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Hey ladies, this is a common question we get asked and I thought it would be helpful to blog about it to better prepare you for your trial run. If you ever have any additional questions that I have not addressed, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to help! Now let’s get started.

What is expected on your part? How should you prepare?

Since we are styling your hair with hot tools, please come with your hair dry and clean. I know a lot of stylists say that dirty hair is better to work with, however that depends on the texture of your hair and how fast it gets oily. Also, please arrive with a clean face. If you arrive with makeup on, we will have to remove it before beginning which can take time.

Do your research

Ladies, this is your BIG day! You have put a lot of time into planning every detail for your wedding day. Hair and makeup should be no different. Start by scrolling through the vast array of hair and makeup photos on Pinterest. Choose a few styles and pick your favorite look. Keep in mind the style of your dress, veil and hair accessories. If you need helping narrowing down a look, we are more than happy to make suggestions and narrow down your best options. At the trial run, we do one look for you. If time allows and depending on the intricacy of the look, we can play around with another hair style. However, makeup is only applied once at a trial run.

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Relax and enjoy

You and your stylist have completed your consultation and have decided on a look. Now is the time to enjoy getting your hair and makeup done and let your stylist work her magic. We provide water and wine at our trial run location. Feel free to bring a friend or your mother to sit in on this fun experience with you. We also have a fun selection of bridal movies available for you watch. Of course, most importantly this is a time for you to get to know your stylist and create your wedding day look!

The reveal

Time for the big spin and for you to see your fabulous hair and makeup! This is also the time to evaluate your look. Comment on what you Love or what you would like to be changed. This is your trial run ladies, as much as we would love to read your minds…we can not. Don’t feel afraid to speak up, you won’t hurt our feeling because we are here for you! We want you leaving feeling confident in your look and excited to put it all together on the wedding day!

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Capture the look

Next is picture time. We use this as our tool to remember exactly we did at the trial run and we will also make notes on what small changes are needed on the big day! This also allows you to see how your hair and makeup looks in the photos. Keep in mind professional photography takes away 30% of your makeup so you may feel like it’s a little heavier than you wear your makeup but I PROMISE it will look soft and natural in photos.

What’s next?!

We will be in contact with you up until the wedding day, putting together the final details and completing a custom timeline for you. We are here for YOU, let us know if you additional questions.