Why should you hire a On-location Wedding hair and makeup artist

Why should you hire a On-location Wedding hair and makeup artist

Hello beauties,

I am going to go over the benefits of hiring a On-location wedding hair and makeup artist. I myself have had the experience of planning my wedding and I can relate to all the last minute stresses you may be dealing with. When you begin your research on wedding hair and makeup artists..You may get over whelmed. All these questions start arising and you had never given them much thought such as… How do I want my hair and makeup to Look on my wedding day? very glamorous or more natural and light? What hairstyle best suites my wedding dress? Updo or down-do?

These questions are important and I want to help you come to a comfortable conclusion. I do offer phone consultations and you can ask me all the questions your heart desire’s. Also at the trial run we can play with 2 different problem:)

Now back to why you should hire a On-Location wedding hair and makeup artist.

1. Eliminate any unneeded stress on your wedding day, Thats the time you deserve to soak up and realax. Instead of being on some crazy time frame, and having to worry about driving to get your hair and makeup done. Just sit and let us come to you.

2. Be around the people you love most. surround yourself around your loved ones. These moments.. your wedding day morning is your reflection time. Ive had so many brides tell me how wonderful it was to have us come to them. I remember Hannah’s wedding last year, her and her family were snacking, drinking mimosa’s while watching some classics and sharing stories.

3. Capture these moments. Having the photographer be able to capture some of the “getting ready” moments…these pictures are priceless. The anticipation and emotion captured in these pictures are beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed my tips.